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It’s worth to plan in advance

Well planning your trip allows you to find what you are looking for and live the moments you want without risk, during your well-deserved vacation. And if you still don’t know exactly what you want, we offer you some valuable ideas.

Plant the trip

Planning is one of the most important factors for the success of your trip to be achieved without problems. Before all, check the dates, search to know about the necessary transfer and make a hotel reservation in case you need.

I got to have in mind all you need to do, prepare the budget of your trip always preventing about the expenses changes.

It’s important to know that besides avoiding traveling problems, it’s fundamental to manintain the organization of your spending to save money.

Check-list before boarding

One of the worst things that can happen on a trip, is to realize that you have forgotten something very important back. Being willing to go into a meeting or presentation without the required materials can be fatal to the failure of the business. To avoid situations of this type, it is essential to put everything on paper before the trip. We recommend it to be done a few days before the trip, so you will not forget anything and the trip will be a success!

Organize luggage

You’ve prepared the entire check-list, made your travel budget planning. Now is the time to prepare the luggage. Use a list when preparing the bag, mark what you are carrying and be careful that nothing is left out.

A cool idea in air travel is to put some clothes and personal items in your carry-on luggage. We know that the risk of lost luggage and accidents is real, so always be prepared for abnormalities.

Organize your documents

Having all the right documentation is fundamental to avoid headache. This item is a prerequisite that can never be forgotten. Not having the right documents can ruin your trip, having your access denied at companies or even prohibit you to enter a country.

Check the company’s travel policy.

A fundamental detail to the corporate travel organization is knowing the company’s travel policy.

Check how t behave, how to do the rendering os accounts ans understand all the rules of the company. This helps the traveler not to make mistakes nor to pay some expense with his own money.

Prepare to be accountable

Remember that after a business trip you need to be accountable. Regardless of whether you use a corporate credit card or your own, for later claiming the refund. Save all your invoices as they prove your travel expenses.

We can help you plan your trip.

With seta viagens professionals, everything will go as planned without you having to worry about the details.

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